A bow to Rainbows

A bow to rainbows

…my thoughts went back to a couple of times during my travels, when I was fortunate to see two of the most gorgeous rainbow sights one could ever imagine – two very different places, two very different settings, both beautiful in their own different ways, both adorned in crowning glory from one edge of the horizon to another, by not one but two parallel rainbows, that is a double rainbow! As I mused down memory lane, I thought I could take a few of you along too, and help you see these beautiful spectacles in your mind’s eye…

a tribute to lata mangeshkar

परसतिश – A tribute to the golden voice of Lata Mangeshkar

“This is not just any musing that I have written about, it is a labour of my love for Lataji’s voice, an avid account of my admiration and adulation for her work and her career.  I have not seen God, but I have felt His or Her Divine presence in Lataji’s voice.  To me, that golden voice is the best manifestation I know of माँ  सरस्वती (Maa Saraswati), the goddess of the arts and learning.  This is therefore an offering of my love, my worship, my पूजा, my इबादत, my परसतिश – to the golden voice of Lataji!”

The forbidden fruit

It looks like a hot day; a lot of water is splashing around and the view is not clear. As the splashing subsides a bit, a bunch of kids of varying ages are briefly visible, playing in water, and hold on, this is not a swimming pool, it looks like a lake or a river. Just as I am beginning to recognize the scene, it dissolves, and a new one appears, this one with a bunch of playing cards that kids are playing with.