A moment in the moment

A bright, sunny, hot morning – I was sitting on one of the beach lounging chairs, feet put up, staring into the endless, azure expanse of the ocean stretched in front of me just across a small stretch of sand.  I had been sitting here for a good part of an hour, just looking far out into the water.  Sitting at a beach in this manner for hours is not a new experience for me; yet, it was different today.


To Mothers and Motherhood

Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day.  As I sipped my tea this morning, the thought of Mothers’ Day triggered a question in my head – what is motherhood?  And this set off an avalanche of memories, ideas and thoughts, exploring the meaning of motherhood and how it has impacted my life.  The outcome of this morning reflection is this ode (in prose) … to mothers and motherhood …


D&I c – The AURA of D&I

  Diversity adds hues and shades to our world, making it interesting and fascinating.  Diversity is not just about outward differences like nationality, ethnicity or gender; it runs deep beneath the surface in differences not always visible or obvious. Inclusiveness is the only way to leverage and harness diversity.  My D&I journey from being a…Details

Newton’s Laws Relearned

  I loved physics at school; and Newton’s laws of motion was among my  favourite concepts, as it helped explain so many things I saw in the real world around me.  Little did I know then that these same laws that govern the world of physics also apply to the world of mental physics, something…Details

Tasmania – Wonder, Down Under

` “Tasmania??? I wonder…”, said I.  We were exploring possible destinations for a winter vacation and Tasmania had just popped up as a serious option, checking off all criteria - not too cold at that time of the year, not visited so far, and one with a lot of natural beauty.  I was surprised at…Details

साठवणीतल्या आठवणी – दिवाळी

दिवाळी – अंधारावर प्रकाशाने मिळवलेल्या विजयाचा उत्सव – किती साधी, सोपी, सुंदर संकल्पना! आपण त्याला नरकासुराच्या वधाचे रूप देऊया, रावणवधानंतर परतणाऱ्या रामाच्या अयोध्येमधील स्वागताचं रूप देऊया किंवा आणखी काही म्हणून उद्बोधूया, शेवटी ह्या सणाचे महत्त्व मूलभूत रूपाने फार साधं आहे - प्रकाशाने अंधारावर, म्हणजेच चांगल्याने वाईटावर, सत्कृत्याने दुष्कृत्यावर, ज्ञानाने अज्ञानावर, शांतीने अशांतातेवर, आशेने निराशेवर केलेली…Details