A moment in the Moment

A moment in the moment

A bright, sunny, hot morning – I was sitting on one of the beach lounging chairs, feet put up, staring into the endless, azure expanse of the ocean stretched in front of me just across a small stretch of sand.  I had been sitting here for a good part of an hour, just looking far out into the water.  Sitting at a beach in this manner for hours is not a new experience for me; yet, it was different today.

Mother and Motherhood

To Mothers and Motherhood

Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day.  As I sipped my tea this morning, the thought of Mothers’ Day triggered a question in my head – what is motherhood?  And this set off an avalanche of memories, ideas and thoughts, exploring the meaning of motherhood and how it has impacted my life.  The outcome of this morning reflection is this ode (in prose) … to mothers and motherhood …

Lazy afternoons

  The English language has no dearth of beautiful adjectives that describe everything one would possibly ever want to describe.  There are some adjectives however, that must go with certain nouns.  It is as if they were made as pairs – blue sky, crispy fries, cosy couch, hot cuppa.  These pairs have been coined as…